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Nucleai is Leading the Spatial Biology Revolution in Precision Medicine

Transforming Precision Medicine Powered by AI-pathology

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Our Mission

We are committed to bringing the power of spatial biology to reality by providing pharmaceutical companies and clinicians with AI-powered image analysis applications. Our platform enhances drug development, supports treatment decisions and improves patient lives.


Our image analysis and biomarker discovery technology leverages real-world pathology, clinical and molecular datasets to better understand cancer biology, optimize patient stratification and improve patient care.


Gaining access to millions of annotated cells across 10+ cancer indications.

Analyzing pathology slides

Our algorithms detect and characterize tissue and cell architecture.

Calculating Features

Cell & area locations are intersected to compute over hundreds of complex feature values.

Predicting Response

Deep-learning models combining spatial features and clinical data drive the discovery of pathology-based spatial biomarkers.


Our Offering

Exploratory Research Platform

Our Platform empowers researchers to discover novel, human interpretable pathology-based biomarkers that predict response to therapy, identify genomic markers or explain complex biological phenomena at scale.

AI-Powered Clinical Trial Assays

Qualified biomarkers are incorporated into prospective clinical trials via Nucleai's AI-powered digital assays. In partnership with CROs and central laboratories, we support a compliant (FDA, CLIA, GxP) and scalable patient selection process.

Companion Diagnostics Development

In partnership with biopharma, diagnostics and clinical laboratories, we develop and deploy Nucleai's digital assays as companion diagnostics across the world, providing physicians with the best diagnostic tools to improve patient lives.

Our Platform

Nucleai’s platform unlocks spatial insights. In Nucleai Atom, your pathology slides are transformed into raw data of cell and area locations. The raw data is fed into the Nucleai engine, computing hundreds of spatial features intersected with outcome to predict drug response.


We are transforming precision medicine with AI-powered pathology

Our team’s work is a unique collaboration of experienced AI technologists, physicians and exceptional healthcare research professionals.



ASCO 2021

Predicting Response to Pembrolizumab in NSCLC Using AI-pathology

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ASCO 2020

Predictive Potential of Lymphocyte Spatial Signatures In Breast Cancer Patients

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USCAP 2019

Identification of Helicobacter pylori Organisms by Digital Image Analysis

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USCAP 2019

AI-Based Digital Image Analysis for Pathological Categorization of Colonic Polyps

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Avi Veidman

CEO & Co-Founder

Eliron Amir

COO & Co-Founder

Lotan Chorev

VP R&D & Co-Founder

Albert Achtenberg


Ori Zelichov, M.D.

Medical Officer

Ifat Rotbein, Ph.D

Director of Data

Jonathan Daniels

VP of Sales


Stanley Robboy

M.D, Ph.D

Alex Lazar

M.D, Ph.D.

Hossein Borghaei


Klaas Zuideveld


Luba Greenwald



Join Us in Biomarker Discovery

At Nucleai, we bring physicians and researchers cutting edge AI-based technology that identifies pathology-based biomarkers that can predict response to therapy and significantly improve patient outcomes. Come join our team of experienced AI engineers, world renowned clinicians, and others, to revolutionize precision medicine and make a major impact.

Head of Marketing

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Senior ML Researcher

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Senior ML Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Senior Full Stack Engineer

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Nucleai and Merck KGaA Launch Translational Medicine Collaboration

Nucleai and Merck KGaA Darmstadt Germany announced a long-term collaboration to leverage Nucleai's image analysis and biomarker discovery platform

Israeli AI firm Nucleai, Sheba launch partnership for data collaboration

Sheba and Nucleai are working to advance the study of technological and AI-based solutions to aid in the discovery of histological biomarkers.

Nucleai and Debiopharm Launch Research Collaboration Utilizing Nucleai's Ai-Powered Biomarker Platform

Nucleai's pathology-based platform analyzes tissue images using computer vision and machine learning methods to model the tumor and the immune system's spatial characteristics, creating unique and specific histological biomarkers that can predict patient response.

How AI Helps Advance Immunotherapy And Precision Medicine

While immunotherapies have revolutionized cancer treatment, they are currently effective only for a small subset (from 20% to 30%) of patients. Tel-Aviv-based Nucleai is developing AI software for image analysis and modeling of pathology data to assist in the development of more effective drugs.


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